Beginning of the Hidroven's work in Venezuela

News date: 18 March 2019

The NOV Group in Venezuela has initiated in November of 2018, a new work for Hidroven, worth more than 80 million dollars.
The contract, which should take about two years, consists of the rehabilitation of the drinking water treatment plant “Alonso de Ojeda”, in the state of Zulia in the north of Venezuela. The concract foresees also a year of exploration.

This station was built in the 60s, having undergone extensions to a current capacity of 7,200 liters per second. The rehabilitation anticipates an increase of the station’s capacity to 8,400 liters per second, with the use of new technologies and the aggregation of a new sludge treatment system. With this increase in capacity, it will be possible to supply 2.8 million inhabitants of the city of Maracaibo and its surroundings in Venezuela.


During the first quarter of 2019, the NOV Group Venezuela team completed the first phase of the project, which provides for the delivery of the engineering project.

At this moment, the rehabilitation phase of the station on the ground has already begun, having already completed all the works of earth moving, assembly of the yard and rehabilitation of the perimeter wall of the treatment plant. There was also finalized a watering, which allows to supply the trucks for distribution of the water by cisterns.

There is also planned a Rehabilitation of the remaining existing concrete structures and expansion joints, construction of a sludge treatment system, replacement of all mechanical equipment by new, new electrical system with emergency system by integrated generators, new filtration system.

This will be the first station to be fully automated. and will be one of the largest water projects in the NOV Group.