Grupo NOV Indústria presents SinalPlas at the VIII Seminar of AFESP «Estradas que Perdoam»

News date: 2 December 2019

Grupo NOV made known its project “SinalPlas, Inovação na Sinalização”, presented by Janine Faria, Coordinator of the Development and Innovation Office. Sinalplas is one of the most recent projects of Grupo NOV.

The VIII Seminar of AFESP – Portuguese Association of Signalization and Road safety, took place last November 21st at the School of Technology and Management of the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (IPL). The event was a co-organization of AFESP and IPL and resulted in the signing of a collaboration protocol in order to bring "innovation" and "competitiveness" to the industry in this sector.

The opening session was attended by the President of the ANSR - National Authority of Road Safety, Rui Soares Ribeiro, the President of the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, Rui Pedrosa, and the President of AFESP, Nuno Balula. The Seminar, which addressed the motto "Roads that Forgive", Spanish entities were also present such as Ferrovial, Simeprovi - Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Metal Road Protection Systems, or the Federation of Road Equipment Associations, who addressed in their presentations the role of infrastructures and road signs as agents that model behavior on the roads.

Grupo NOV made known its project “SinalPlas, Inovação na Sinalização”, presented by Janine Faria, Coordinator of the Development and Innovation Office. SinalPlas is one of the more recent research and technological development projects of Grupo NOV, whose promoters are Ecopaint and Viamarca, being co-financed by Compete 2020.

The project is based on the design of vertical road signs developed from polymers, with self-cleaning properties and photoluminescent additives for greater visibility and safety for drivers.

The SinalPlas vertical signalisation, in addition to providing more security compared to traditional signalization, is also more sustainable because it has the incorporation of recyclable polymers that give it a longer life. It also responds to the challenges inherent in maintaining signals in coastal areas and in higher regions, since they do not suffer corrosion because they are resistant to acidic, saline, wet and cold environments. The SinalPlas project allowed a differentiation through innovation in the field of materials, in the introduction of new features in signs, in promoting the environmental sustainability of processes and products and in creating quality differentials. The Seminar also featured a simulation of a road accident with the extrication of victims by the Leiria Firefighters and a visit to the automobile laboratories at the Mechanical Engineering Department of IPL

Ecopaint, through its brand Roadpaint, and Viamarca also participated in the technical exhibition of products with modular stands and distribution of promotional leaflets and catalogs, to showcase their strengths in the signalization sector, namely in the production and marketing of signage solutions vertical and horizontal and road marking paints.