Viamarca renews Certification in CE Marking

News date: 8 January 2020

With this certification, Viamarca, a company from Grupo NOV Indústria, reassures a compliance with the requirements set out by European Union Directives, specifically concerning to safety, hygiene and environmental protection.

Last December, Viamarca renewed the Certification in CE Marking according to the Standard EN 12899-1: 2007 for «Fixed Signs for Vertical Traffic Signs» (Performance Regularity Certificate number 1328-CPR-0363) and for «Plates Signals for Fixed Vertical Traffic Signals »(Certificate of performance regularity number 1328-CPR-0362).

This certification in CE Marking which has been renewed in the company since 2014, guarantees a compliance of the requirements established by the European Union Directives, specifically with regards to safety, hygiene and environmental protection.

Viamarca is a company of Grupo NOV Indústria, specialized in the production and application of horizontal and vertical road signalization. Currently, its activity extends from north to south of the country. It offers a wide range of solutions for all types of road signalization and road safety work, horizontal and vertical, ranging from the most diverse road brands, through simple code signs to the most complex and sophisticated types of signage and safety devices road.

With a complete response capacity and a unique business philosophy, Viamarca has ensured, step by step, the consolidation of its presence in the national territory in the most diverse works. With this step, it sees the control and quality of these products reconfirmed, guaranteeing, its clients and partners, the best practices in the production of traffic signs.