Confidence in the future

In a setting such as the one we find ourselves in today, it is especially difficult to express confidence in a future that holds so many unknowns. But we already have more than 70 years of history behind us, more than 20 years as a group, over 80 companies, over 2,500 employees, various business sectors… These are only numbers but they serve to illustrate two essential aspects: experience and diversity.

We believe in the future because our past has demonstrated to us that we have the ability to resist, the innovation and flexibility needed to take advantage of crises that will make us stronger. The diversity of activities and models, of persons and of cultures with which we have had to deal has also taught us that our values are more topical than ever: Competence, Cooperation, Ethics, Rigour and Soundness.

The entrance into a new decade brought with it a thorough restructuring of the NOV Group. This “new” Group will direct its efforts towards its core businesses – Engineering, Construction, Services, Environment and Energy – and will focus its growth in three strategic geographical areas – South America, Africa and Central Europe – in a clear affirmation of its position as a major Iberian group.

This is why we have confidence in the future: we know that, just as we have done in the past, we will make our dreams come true.