Eurosol Hotels debut an institutional film for the promotion of tourism.

News date: 10 February 2020

The Eurosol Hotels chain, of the Grupo NOV Turismo, debuted recently a new institutional video for the tourist promotion of its hotel units and the Central Region of the Country.

The renovation of all communication resources at Eurosol Hotels, as part of the integration of the new image of Grupo NOV, is thus concluded.

The new institutional film of the Eurosol Hotels aims to be more than an institutional promotional tool, but also a dissemination that promotes and leverages the national territory where the chain is inserted. Illustrating not only the five hotel units but also the magnificent territory of the Center of Portugal.

Therefore, the Grupo NOV Turismo presents a global offer that privileges the experiences that are provided to those staying at Eurosol Hotels (Eurosol Leiria & Jardim, Eurosol Residence, Eurosol Alcanena, Eurosol Seia Camelo and Eurosol Gouveia), integrated in the wealth of a region widely characterized and valued for its cultural and landscape diversity.

The new institutional video can be seen at