Engineering & Construction in the rehabilitation of the left margin of the Sorraia River

News date: 21 February 2020

Grupo NOV Engenharia e Construção is carrying out the construction works for the Rehabilitation of the left margin of the Sorraia River. This has been an opportunity for the company to demonstrate all its competence in this type of works.

The technique used for the regularization and stabilization of the margin consisted of placing "reno" mattresses on the embankment of the left margin, in order to protect against erosion of the river margin, in combination with the use of organic blanket in coconut fiber on the top of the embankment. The margin was carried out in 2 phases: a first phase carried out "dry" (outside the influence of water); and a second phase relative to the rest of the area located within the river, in order to define a constant profile along the entire margin, with an inclination 1 (V) to 3 (H).

The construction of these "reno" mattresses implied the lowering of the water table in the river along the bank. For this purpose, the creation of a "motorcycle" was used in conjunction with the use of submersible pumps, which allowed the Gabions of base 75 centimeters to be embedded, below the existing level of the riverbed, and the posterior placement of the mattresses « Rhine '.